Why No Kids Should Grow Without a Pet

Why No Kids Should Grow Without a Pet

Not to say adults should not have pets, as well. Everyone should. But that goes double for a child that is growing up. It’s a responsibility, it’s full of trouble, it may chew up your shoes and handbags. Yes, yes, yes. Of course, a toddler will not be able to fully take care of a pet.

But the question is, is it all worth the effort? Trust me, it is. Here is why no child should grow up without a pet.

Pets teach responsibility

Boy Walking Dog - responsibilityTaking care of a pet takes a lot of time. Cleaning up after, regularly feeding, taking it to the vet, taking walks, etc. A child may not have to get up at 6 in the morning to walk the dog, but even small tasks will teach them responsibility.

Plus, for a parent it is much easier to implement because it’s more motivating for a child rather than doing chores.

Pets give you time out

Pets are fun to play withThey say that taking care of the twins is easier than raising a single child. This is because two kids will play together while a single child will want all the attention from the parents. The same goes with pets. Pets are fun to play with and they also have very similar minds to a toddler.

And no, wanting some time off doesn’t make you a bad parent. On the contrary, focusing too much attention on everything your child does will hinder child’s ability to learn his or her ability to deal with life’s challenges. Besides, while your child is playing with the pet, you can indulge in your guilty pleasures like enjoying free slot games.

Pets teach kids discipline

Like we mentioned, small pets, especially dogs are very similar to toddlers. Think about playing around or, even better, potty training. Both kids and pets must be trained. And actually, in tandem they do learn so much quicker. Well, maybe not pets, but definitely kids.

Pets teach boundaries

Pets teach boundariesDuring their tantrums, kids sometimes get out of control. They may scream, drop to the ground, throw around toys. But you can’t do that with pets. So, kids must learn how much rough and tumble play is appropriate and when they are already reaching the limits. This also helps a lot if later family decides upon a second child.

Pets teach friendship

Pets teach friendshipCats have a rep of being anti-social. But even cats know when you are hurting. And this may be the biggest reason to get a pet for your child. Kids don’t know really what compassion is until you teach them. But the problem with adults is that we have seen a lot of bad stuff around and may be sometimes a bit cynical.

But a pet will always be there. Even cats. They do great job in showing your kids what a true friend looks like.

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