When Your Pet Becomes a Family Member

When Your Pet Becomes a Family Member


Taking a rescue pet is one of the noblest things you can do. But there is nothing, nothing more appalling than bringing it back.  

I bet you are wondering who would do that? A surprising amount of people, to be honest. And that breaks my heart every time I see a pet brought back to the shelter.  

 So, here’s a tip – please make sure you know your reasons why you need a pet. And be truly honest.  


A new family member  

 I picked this title for a reason. It’s may not be your goal or reason to get a pet, but you must remember – you are taking a new family member. It’s alive and understands more than you can imagine. Taking it on and neglecting is not an option.  

 If you are simply looking to support the cause, you can simply bring pet food or cash to your local shelter. Or you can do it even by having some fun. If you play games on this website, you will automatically support rescue dogs.  

 But, if you are ready to take on a pet, you must understand and accept everything that comes with the decision. It costs money. It needs attention. It takes time.  


A chewed up boot 

 Do you have a favorite pair of shoes? How do you feel about the idea of them being chewed up by your new friend? The answer will tell you whether you are ready to have a pet or not. Pets do all sorts of damage from bringing dirt into your home to destroying your personal belongings. And it’s never the pet’s fault. Never. It doesn’t know any better. Like a 3-year old, they will want to play with everything they touch, taste or smell. 

 If that’s hard to accept, don’t take a rescue pet. 


 I don’t want to hurt the cause. Seeing a pet find a new family is one of the most unforgettable and delightful moments I can imagine. But like I said in the beginning, I really hate to see them come back just a few days later.  

 So, I say these harsh words just as a means of managing your expectations.       

If you give it the time and attention it needs, your friend, your new family member will give it back ten-fold. It will love you more than anything in the world. That feeling is priceless.  

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