Cats vs Dogs: the eternal heated debate

Cats vs Dogs: the eternal heated debate

Will it ever end?

It seems that this debate has no end. We just keep fighting which animal is better, and no side will ever give up. However, I am here to at least try to end it. Maybe we do not even need this debate at all. So, keep in mind that I do not have one side to this. That is because I support both animals. Today we might put a stop to this debate forever. Maybe both cats and dogs are perfect animals, but they are for different people.

A case for cats

I have to admit that cats can be very specific animals. For example, they might not want to cuddle with you at all. On the other hand, sometimes they need all attention that they can get. So, this is a little bit complicated. However, cats are still affectionate creatures, but they just do not show it all the time.

Furthermore, a cat owner usually might stay more indoors with their pet, as cats do not tend to go on walks. That is just how they are. Cats are more reserved creatures when it comes to showing love, but their love is so special. There is nothing better than a purring cat on your legs.

A case for dogs


A dog is a man’s best friend. Is that not the saying? So, a dog can be that active best friend that you need. For example, dogs need a lot of walks and physical activity, so prepare for that. Moreover, they are usually very friendly, so you will enjoy having one around you. Just do not forget to let it go outside!

However, a dog’s personality can depend on their breed. So, be sure to do some research before you get one. Either way, you will get a new best friend, so just choose what kind of friend you want. Dogs usually get along with kids well, so you have nothing to worry about in that sector.

Why not both?

cat and dog

However, I am also here to talk about an alternative. Why not get both animals? Both cats and dogs can bring something lovely into your daily life. Moreover, they can be close friends too, as them fighting is often a myth. Just be sure that you are ready for having more than one pet at once. Cats and dogs have quite different characters, so you can have the best of both worlds! Maybe there is no need to even choose…

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